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  • Published on:  1 year ago
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    From underwater crop circles forming in Japan, to mysterious things discovered by explorers. Here are 24 strangest photos taken underwater

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    11. The Baltic Sea Anomaly
    Located right in the middle of the northern baltic sea, this photo shows what people are calling the Baltic Sea Anomaly and the more people seem to investigate it, the more they begin to think it’s not from this world. Many people claim that this is indeed evidence of a crashed UFO and trying to closely investigate the site has proven to be difficult. The photos we can see however, such as this one, would suggest that there is disturbed soil and a considerable amount of debris near the anomaly.

    10. The Bismarck
    Most shipwrecks tend to dissolve or deteriorate with the water, this one seems strangely well preserved. The Bismarck that we in this image, proved strong during battle as well during the Battle of the Denmark strait, While the Bismarck stationed near Brest, France; the British were seeking revenge on this behemoth.The a crew of British torpedo bombers took off from an aircraft carrier, and damaged it enough to slow down the speed. A warship came into finish the job. It wouldn’t be easy but the Bismarck was doomed and finished off on May 27th, 1941. Size doesn’t always matter in this case. It currently sits at the bottom of the ocean 15,700 feet below the surface of the water.

    9 Underwater Taekwondo
    If you want to be a true taekwondo master, you better learn to do it the proper way and put on some scuba diver great! Anyways, they say there’s a good reason to do this and improves your reflexes when you’re not underwater. We hope no fish were harmed in the making of this photo.

    8. Underwater Egyptian City
    The Lost Egyptian city of Heracleion mysteriously vanished below the Mediterranean was considered to be the major port city in order access the Nile River. This unbelievable discovery includes more than 64 boats buried beneath thick clay, Gold coins, giant 16 foot statues, slabs of Greek and Egyptians text and more! This scuba diver is making a remarkable discoveries will be preserved and researched in order to learn more about this unique, and amazing culture.

    7. Underwater Stonehenge
    In Lake Michigan, a formation of stones similar to Stonehenge in the United Kingdom was found not to far from the coast of Michigan. This photo here shows a scuba diver, coming across what looks like a man made structure at the bottom of lake michiganTwo treasure hunters were looking for shipwrecks when they found something they wouldn’t believe with their sonar. They started to see stones lined up and took photos of the images that came of on their screen. It appeared to be artificially set stones underwater and they decided to go scuba diving to find out exactly what it is.

    6. Watch Out
    After seeing this photo you might not want to go on a boating trip for a while. Although whales are normally harmless, they certainly are powerful enough to flip over puny little boats like you see here. In San diego, there was a case of a blue whale flipping over a motor boat off the coast. Although it rarely happens, it looks like this boat better take off, just to be safe.

    5. Gas Masks from the Past
    Large bodies of water are often sought after by enemy armies who are hungry for power. When their large vessels get sunk to the bottom, the things inside get scattered all over the place. This photo here shows 2 gas masks found on the Nippo maru and are perched at front of the ship.

    4. Man on the Couch
    Here we see a guy who seems to be a little out of shape and is posted up on his couch to watch some TV but something just doesn’t seem quite right about it… could it be that this guy has become completely petrified in stone. It’s actually an underwater art museum off the coast of mexico. There’s over 500 life sized sculptures at this location, and this museum is becoming a hotspot for fearless scuba divers. It’s interesting to see how being underwater for a long period of time, can change things different colors.

    3. Truk Lagoon
    The Truk Lagoon is a sheltered body of water in the central pacific located about 750 miles north of Papua New Guinea. During World War II, it was Japan’s main base in this region. And there’s something quite eery about this place. It was even explored by Jacques Cousteau. Ghostly remains like of this light tank here at about 150 feet depth, attract many scuba divers.

    2. Titanic Images
    In 2012, new images of the Titanic were released to the public like you’ve never seen it before. The legendary doomed ship skidded along its starboard side on into an iceberg in the frigid North Atlantic Seas. The ship was too large to turn away and avoid the crash. Using robotic devices, this expedition took two months in order to get never before seen images of the wrecked ship. Video 24 Strangest Photos Taken Underwater upload by channel American Eye ago 1 year ago with 3.4M views.Rating: 77.43%(by 14665 users) - What think other users about this videos - Excellent! Must Watch this Video

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